Shashi Dhar Kumar

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Here is a General Background

Background Information
I am a young blood highly motivated post-graduate at Maharishi Dayanand University, Rohtak. My involvement as software developer began in 2005. when I took up basic programming as a hobby. Throughout the next three years this developed into a fascination with both web and software development.

Before starting my Software Trainee, I became sure that a career involving both web and software development was the path to follow. Around the same time I realised the increasing importance of computers in all parts of industry. With Internet access and large databases becoming ever more prevalent it was clear to me that I would need a broad knowledge of the business world to successfully follow my chosen career path.

One of the factors that had a large impact on me was the number of IT contracts failing at the time. A substantial proportion of these seemed due to misunderstandings, miscommunications. In all my involvement with industrial and commercial projects I have tried to ensure that I had an overall feel of the context of any system I was working on, within the organisations where it would operate. Sadly, the industry is still suffering embarrassing failures with over-time, over-budget systems failing to deliver. It is important to demonstrate that technology can bring enormous benefits when implemented in a complementary way to business processes.

Instead of choosing IT or Computing qualifications during the later years of my secondary education, I opted to learn about other subjects with which I was not less familiar but I can say that that was golden period of my life as a learner. This has led to some peculiarity in my schooling; Maths, Physics and Chemistry at ‘I.Sc.’-level, Computing at diploma level, English literature at degree level, Computing at degree level.

Industrial Successes
My first substantial industrial software engineering project occurred after completion of my degree of computing. I was responsible for the developing the web application as pc-cost calculator. The first live test of the new system was an interesting experience – it was important that it worked correctly first time, due to the financial consequences should production be stopped. Testing went smoothly and the system has been in use for nearly around the Delhi.

During 2004, as part of my degree, I undertook an eight-week live work for IGNOU as developer for CD, its new batch of Bachelor of Information Technology, a New Delhi-based provider of education through distance education. The work was ideal for me, sitting between the software and web worlds. I was allowed some freedom to take on projects I felt were appropriate.

Undertaking projects as part of my degree has proved a vital way of building team skills. I tend to take charge of situations through a reasoned approach to the problem at hand, fostering mutual respect to unite members of my team and come to an acceptable compromise. One example of this was during the development of a group project when I coordinated a small group working on one component of a system.

For the past nine+ years I have been involved in successful medium-sized projects in industry, approaching engineering with business and marketing needs in mind.

I believe my skills and experiences, together with hard work and determination to succeed, will be of great help and allow me to play a leading role in my field in the future.


Here is a Experience

February 2014 – Till Date – PHP Technical Consultant, New Delhi
Working as freelance consultant in the field of Web Development, Maintenance, Hosting and Offshore support for Overseas Company.

May 2011 – January 2014 – Team Leader,Avax Strategic Solutions Pvt. Ltd, New Delhi
Avax Consulting Inc. is an Atlanta, GA(USA) based company. The company deals in the field of Web Development, Maintenance, Hosting, Designing, Search Engine Optimization and Offshore support.

April 2008-April 2011 – Team Leader,Indya Hub, New Delhi
Indya Hub is an New Delhi based company. The company deals in the field of Software Development, Maintenance, Hosting, Designing, Search Engine Optimization and Offshore support.

May 2007- March 2008 Lead Developer, Speed Host Server India, New Delhi
Speed Host Server India is an New Delhi based company. It has multiple branches in India and United States (U.S). The company deals in the field of Software Development, Maintenance, Hosting, Designing, Search Engine Optimization and Offshore support.